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Our real estate agency on the island of Elba has always been a referenced point for anyone looking holiday homes, ville and residence for rent for holidays by the sea on our beautiful island. We operate in the real estate trade for over 10 years, during which we have acquired knowledge, experience and professionalism to guarantee a service of the highest quality to our customers. In our two agencies, Portoferraio and Marina di Campo, you will find a wide selection of properties for rent, ranging from simple studios to spectacular villas on the sea, and thanks to our website and the online booking tools available, we offer our customers the option to make their choice directly from home.

To ensure greater protection and awareness by customers of our agency at the time of the choice of the ideal solution for their holidays we introduced a quality classification, taking into account that many parameters (furniture, accessories, context) allows to divide structures in 5 categories and to direct the traveler to the accommodation that is most appropriate to their needs and expectations.



Portoferraio real estate agency

agenzia immoniliare portoferraio

Marina di Campo real estate agency

agenzia immobiliare marina

We passed online our real estate agency, implementing an efficient booking system on our website, developed to be easy and intuitive even for less experienced Internet and computer! Through a simple wizard, and with a few clicks, customers can see all the properties available in the catalog, each with photos and detailed descriptions. They have the possibility to calculate the total cost of their holiday directly from their computer, both for the structure chosen, both for the ferry. In addition, during the booking, the customer will have greater freedom in choosing the preferred method of payment.
Even if your site is structured so that the customer can make all by yourself automatically, we want to assure you about the possibility that they can still interact with our staff. In both of our estate on Elba, in Portoferraio and in Marina di Campo, we will always be available for any questions, require explanation or any demand, assisting you during the booking process, and ensuring more timely support for each, just in case.

Relations with our customers are at the first place in our corporate philosophy, because we are a company made of people: competence, kindness and courtesy are our strengths. Try! Visit us at the agency on our beautiful island, you will not regret.

Via G. Cacciò, 5
57037 Portoferraio (LI) Isola d'Elba
P. IVA/C.Fiscale 01082480490

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Tel. +39 0565 91.54.10
Cell.+39 335 70.46.457
Fax.+39 0565 91.64.49
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